May; I can’t believe that we are all ready most the way through this year! Why is this post titled April? Well, that is because the Marina Wrap is April’s Surprise Box. All monthly subscription boxes are shipped the last week of the month they are for. Example: April’s Box was shipped the last week of April, therefore most of us got them in May. We try to make sure all boxes are shipped so that our subscribers have their project by the 5th of the month.

The first few weeks of May are busy for me since I had my babies. I had my 31st birthday on the 8th. Oh my, I just told ya’ll my age! Oh welbol!! Just hitting my prime they say. I don’t feel any different. That was always a question that boggled me. “Do you feel different?” “Do you feel older?”

Two days after that my 4 year old had an Outpatient Surgery to put Semi-Permanent P.E. Tubes in his ears. Its about time! This poor boy has suffered with ruptured ear drums for too long! He is doing great; the doctor sucked out a lot of mucous and infection from his ear drums, and inner ear.

May 12; Mother’s Day! This year I was able to send my mom some beautiful roses from me and my family. She lives in Arizona and I’m in Texas. I haven’t seen my mom for Mother’s Day since, heck, I can’t even remember. That’s sad. We sent her 2 dozen Red Roses in a Red Vase. She was very happy.

My little-big brother came over that day to celebrate my birthday and mothers day with me. He moved to Texas from Utah earlier this year to be with his girlfriend. They got me an awesome Crochet Stitch Guide Book and an adorable Glass Cookie Jar! We did a small BBQ and watched movies. It was a good day/celebration for me.

Now onto the box!

Its time to go check the mail. I know my box is waiting for me because I checked the tracking on it. Grabbed the box out of the mail box again, it’s a heavy one.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

Cut the tape, open the box, and carefully remove the sticker as not to rip it. Extra insert first with the diagram pattern for the project. I’ve never really dug down and tried to understand all the symbols and what they mean. I can’t read symbol charts. I have been slowly working on learning each symbol.

I grabbed the folded insert that we get every month. I read the Tea of the Month description first. As always our monthly tea packets are provided by The Jasmine Pearl. This month’s is a

Vanilla RoseOrganic Assam, whose malty notes are complementary to vanilla, is the base for Vanilla Rose. Red roses are added to the blend to provide noticeable flavor, but not overwhelm the other tastes. Vanilla Rose is great as a stand-alone tea or with milk and sugar.” 

I’ve stated in previous posts that I was going to be keeping all the tea’s unopened and eventually I am going to give a gift basket full of the different teas, maybe a loose leaf brewing thing, and a mug. When we started my Father-In-Law would try each tea and review it for us but, we are a coffee house. He kinda stopped tasting them all.

Opened the insert to see the inside. “Gasp” This Marina Wrap is gorgeous. I think most of us gasped when we saw it. I’m not one to wear a wrap or shawls but I think that I could figure this one out. I honestly can’t stop staring at the photographs of it. With this wrap it is made with Red Heart Yarns newest yarn on the market. Red Heart – It’s a Wrap Rainbow!

It’s a Wrap Rainbow is a fine weight #2 yarn. The pattern calls for the coloring sequences of the Seaglass or Parfait. The Seaglass starts with a light sea blue that fades into a darker blue, eventually into a dark green and fades out with a light green. The Seaglass is what was used to make the photographs for the pattern and it is just beautiful.

The Parfait color, which is what I used to make my Marina Wrap, started with a very light purple, faded into darker purple, then into a dark pink, and lastly fades out into a very light pink. I was reading a crochet blog that I follow and feature her patterns on our blog quite often, Moogly. She had a guest blog writer, Jessie At Home, write a review on the Red Heart It’s a Wrap Rainbow and I love the way she describes the color change in it.

Jessie At Home states, “The color changes in this yarn are gradual because of the nifty way they happen. The color changes one ply at a time. So first there are 3 plies of color A and 1 ply of color B, then 2 plies of each, then one ply of color A and 3 plies of color B and so on. Each section seems to have the same length. This makes each color fade into the next in a beautifully seamless way!”

To read the full review Jess At Home did follow the link above, Red Heart It’s a Wrap Rainbow. I have also included the links for Moogly’s Blog which you can also find the review post. I’m pretty sure Jessie At Home’s blog has it too and I’ve posted her link as well.

I got this box while I was in the middle of making gifts for my boys’ teachers; so it took me a little longer to get started on the Marina Wrap. Once I did start though, it was tough for me I’ve never used a yarn like this before, I also used the Parfait color. I still need to do the Seaglass colored one. I’m used to  yarn that is spun together. This one is not spun together. When I started I couldn’t get the yarn to stay a constant tightness and was getting a loose loop behind my fingers. It bothered me so much that I had to make a post about it on our community facebook group. Its normal, so I didn’t worry about it and it came out just as beautiful.

I am a very fast crocheter, so I’ve been told. I couldn’t go nearly as fast as I am used too. I actually had to go from rabbit speed clear down to turtle speed. I am not familiar with working with such small yarn. It came out beautiful though.

The pattern does say to block this wrap. A lot of people don’t know what block means. Over the years I’ve learned that there are 3 basic ways to block a project.

  • Wet: Get your project completely wet; like soak it. Then lay it out on a flat surface in the shape you want it to be. Then let it dry. It may take a day, 2 days, etc. This method is for natural fibers not acrylic.
  • Spray: This way is great for smaller projects like a motif or granny square, basically something that doesn’t need a lot of stretching to shape. Simply spray some water on it so its damp, and let it dry.
  • Steam: This is the best way to block if your using acrylic or non natural yarn. If your project needs to be stretched drastically you may want to pin in down to shape it. Steam it till it is damp. If using a steam iron, NEVER TOUCH THE IRON TO THE YARN IT WILL MELT.

I personally never block any of my projects, simply for the fact that when you go to wash it again, you will have to repeat the blocking process. I guess I would block if I was doing a intricate plaid design or something.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

Needless to say this project is absolutely stunning. It was very easy to make despite how hard it looks. It was all basic stitches in US crochet terminology. The Marina Wrap was provided to Crochet Surprise by Harlee Wentworth at Noowul Designs.

Image By:Crochet Surprise

Subscribers Marina Wrap Photograph’s below:

Image By: Jaime Martin L.

Image By: Heather Z.

Image By: Teresa Marie P.

Image By: Cindy R.

Image By: Resa Billups G.