Again, as stated in previous posts I always see the excitement of others first. It gets my anxiousness going like crazy. But, it finally became my time for the knock on the door. MY BOX IS HERE!!! I immediately open it up and grab the insert card. I always go for the tea first because ya’ll know how much my father in law loves the loose leaf teas. This month was a TROPICAL GREEN tea. I opened it up and took a big ol’ whiff and it made me cough. Like last month I believe it is the strong scent of Lemongrass. I love that it has actual rose petals in it. I don’t know if any of you use Essential Oils or not but, the Rose Oil is the most expensive essential oil you can buy. It takes so many rose petals to get 1 gram of Oil from them so, to see rose petals in teas is cool for me. I realized in my last few posts that I never mention the company for the teas. The loose leaf teas come from The Jasmine Pearl based out of Portland, Oregon. If you liked a flavor so much you want more you can find them HERE.

This months pattern was for the Audrey Hobo Bag provided by Ling Ryan of Hooked on Patterns. You can find more awesome patterns of theirs HERE. I am absolutely in love with this bag. I often find that I don’t carry purse’s around, I just might have to with this one. If you were to look in my closet all my clothes are black, grey, or white so, this color blend would match any outfit I practically wear. The box came with all materials needed to make this bag. It came with 2 skeins of the main color which is, ‘Patrons Canadiana – Medium Weight: 4 – Color: Med Grey Mix‘ and 1 skein of the accent color, ‘Patrons Canadiana – Medium Weight: 4 – Color: Dark Grey Mix‘. It also came with the pattern insert and an extra insert with pictures for the special techniques in the pattern.

Because we get our boxes shipped towards the end of the month I always start mine at the new month. It confuses other customers as they think the bag was the box for September since we receive it towards the beginning of September. September is such a busy month for this household. Its the birthday month. Both my kids birthday’s are 5 days apart from each other. We were busy for about a week with that. They just turned 4 and 5 years old.

Image by TaNiesha McCune

Image by TaNiesha McCune

The same week as their birthdays my oldest decided it was time to get sick. What do you expect when they just started school again, right?!? He missed a few days of school because of that. The following week my youngest decided it was his turn. He took it harder than his older brother and we ended up in the emergency room on night three of no sleep. All is well now, nothing seriously wrong with him thank goodness. The following week was my turn. Yay, for momma. I was down and out for 4 days.

After we all got feeling better and birthdays have come and gone, I finally get to start working on this bag. Its been sitting next to my couch for a whole month just waiting to be started. I got to start on Friday September 28th. The day the September box was shipped. Oh my gosh, I’m running out of time to get this done before the next box comes. I literally sat on the couch in front of the TV all day Friday and got over half way done with the bag.

Silly me, got to row 4 and it stated to continue as above for row 2 and row 3. I am one of those types that doesn’t read the pattern before doing it. I decided that I needed to write down how many stitches per row that we had to increase. Looking at the insert it was done for me all ready, haha. I did miscount on row 5 and had to FROG that row completely. FROGGING is a crochet term for taking apart. I most likely miscounted because being a mom of a 4 & 5 year old I constantly have to stop and tend to them. I am actually quite surprised at how much I was able to complete on Friday. It probably helped that the kids didn’t have school that day so I wasn’t running around like a mad woman.

Saturday morning as I was crocheting my mother had messaged me to let me know that my Dad’s Uncle Alvin had passed away in the state of Washington. He passed peacefully in his home with his wife, children, and grandchildren by his side. Alvin was my dad’s favorite Uncle. He was able to go visit him before he passed. I never got to meet my Great-Uncle but I was told that I would have loved him dearly, that he was just like my Papa (his brother, my grandpa). I am saddened for my family at this time and they have been in my prayers. Rest In Peace Uncle Alvin. Say hi, to my Nana & Papa for me!

I managed to get all the way to the Top Sections of the pattern, and I’m stumped. It says to turn to work along the wrong side of the 27 stitches. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how this was supposed to work because, when I turned my work to the wrong side my crochet hook was at my left hand. What do I do now?!?! This isn’t going to work. So, I posted in our private Facebook group asking how the other subscribers did this. I waited all day for a response. One person did respond but I didn’t understand what she was saying. It wasn’t until like an hour before I went to bed that I realized why it wasn’t working, haha. I was trying to crochet onto the 18 stitch side not the 27 stitch side! It was so easy and such as easy  mistake, that I was embarrassed I did that.

Some how in the last section, Rim and Straps, I miscounted but didn’t want to FROG it. I was far to close to the end. I was missing stitches so through out it, in certain area’s I had to do 2 SC in a stitch instead of just 1. I think I miscounted and was off my 7 stitches. How in the world did I do that?! I don’t know but I got it worked out. It just makes my bag a little different than the rest. I told my fiance last night around 9, after the kids were in bed, that I was so close to finishing, so I wanted to watch TV in the living room. 10 minutes later I was finished.

It took me a total of 2 full days to complete this bag. Even with the little hiccups I had along the way. Did I get it finished before September’s box arrived??? No, I finished 1 day later. I loved making this bag and I hope to make more for a few friends. I’m sure that I’ve managed to chat your ear off and you’re all tired of hearing me ramble on, haha. So I guess this is the end.

Stay Tuned for the next post. Bags, Handbags, Market Bags, and more!