Once again, when I got this box I was still working on my wedding dress. At the time, it was so stressful I didn’t even open the box at first. My wedding was September 04, 2019. What a day. I literally ran around that day on no sleep. I was up all night long drinking coffee trying to finish my dress so that I could wear it. I really didn’t think that I was going to be able to finish it in time.

Our little secret? I didn’t finish it. I did not weave in all the little tails. I just cut them short and tucked them away. The dress actually had a net finish on the under side of the sleeves. I opted not to do them because I thought that it was going to turn out to big on me based on size of the dress on the pattern. Boy was I wrong, I seriously thought that my mother and I was going to break the dress trying to fit it on me.

I had made a mistake when doing the edging at the bottom and somehow skipped a whole entire scallop. This made my dress base so tight that I couldn’t put it on over my head. I had to step into the dress. Then!, because of me not doing the netting I could barely get my arms in the sleeves and the dress pulled up onto my shoulders.

Another mistake was made, some how I managed to make the dress a v-neck when it wasn’t that way on the picture or pattern. I love v-necks anyways, it was actually the best mistake ever. I was still able to pull off the scallop edge on the neck area. It actually turned out to be really beautiful. But, because I had made it I could see every single imperfection on the dress and I kinda didn’t like it at all. I was actually going to enter the dress into my local County Fair but because I could see all the imperfections I was not going to enter it in.

When I posted pictures in a local Mom’s support group I am in on Facebook, they all still said that I should enter it into the fair because non of them had ever seen something that intricate on display at the fair. I had fully talked my self out of entering the fair. I thought how can I get all these ends weaved in? I had cut them to about 1″ long. My mother came up with the idea of going to get the permanent fabric glue; glue the knots, wait for them to dry and cut the tails off right at the base of the knot and then glue again. I think that would work for a week that the dress will be on display! I have 2 days to get that done and take it down to the fair grounds. I plan on going live when I go back to see if I had won any ribbons or best yet the trophy!

Onto the box.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

I didn’t open the box at all until after 5th. One of our subscribers asked on the community Facebook page how to get 2 strands off of the cone. That peeked my interest so I opened the box. I still looked at the contents in the order I usually do.

The tea was provided by our partner The Jasmine Pearl. This month was their, “Berry White – Organic white peony blended with organic jasmine green tea and organic chamomile, scented with blueberry and peach. Delicately fragrant and delightful. Makes a delicious iced tea.

Jaime L. – “It was quite tasty and good either hot or cold.” 

Chrystal M. – “It is one of the better ones. The white tea also is lighter and airy.

We all got a Stitch/Row counter in this months box. I guess a lot of confusion had happened at the warehouse and some subscribers didn’t get all the contents of the box. Sarah and Doug always take responsibility for the mistakes that do happen. They always make it better in one way or another and this time they did it by giving all members a Stitch/Row Counter.

Now onto the yarn. Both types of yarn are from Lily Sugar’n Cream; a brand made by Yarnspirations. The cone came in the color of Potpourri Prints and the balls/skeins came in the color of Dark Orchid. I then looked in the leaflet to see what the projects were. I realized the cone was for the Nesting Baskets and the ball/skeins are for the Scallop Edged Baskets.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

Image By: Crochet Surprise

The Nesting Baskets is the pattern that the subscriber had asked about 2 strands from one cone. I read all the responses to her questions. It is very very hard almost impossible to find the other end of the cone. We technically have access to one end because of the way its wrapped around the cone, essentially covering the other end. So, to get 2 strands most of our subscribers used the yarn from the cone and made a separate ball to work from. Some used their yarn winders, others just made a ball by hand. I decided rather than unwind the cone and make another ball that I was going to use some of the Dark Orchid that was meant for the Scallop Edged Baskets.

I was actually excited to make these Nesting Baskets. As I had stated on Facebook, these are not uncommon toys in my household. I love the fact that my kids can drop these ones on the floor and its not loud like the plastic toy ones you can buy. Not to mention I can make these for days. They are used in therapies that my kids are in because of their autism. My son was ecstatic when he realized what I was making. Once they were done I honestly have not seen them. He took them to his room.

In order for me to make sure I had enough of the Dark Orchid to use it as a 2nd strand for the Nesting Baskets, I had only made 1 small version of the Scallop Edged Baskets. The pattern for the Scallop Edged Baskets has written instructions for 2 sizes. Small and Medium. Sarah, had made sure we had enough yarn to make 2 small and 1 medium basket OR 2 medium baskets.

I made 1 small Scallop Edged Basket and moved on to the Nesting Baskets. I got all 3 sizes of the Nesting Baskets done with the Dark Orchid and the cone. With plenty to spare on the cone and an entire ball/skein of the Dark Orchid. I’m thinking that I will make more of the Scallop Edge Baskets with the cone color. I think it will be just as beautiful.

Below are some of our subscribers completed projects. Including mine with my son playing with the Nesting Baskets.


Image By: Angel B.


Image By: Barbara J.


Image By: Ginny S.


Image By: TaNiesha H.


Image By: TaNiesha H.


Image By: Jackie H.

Stay tuned for the round up post! More nesting cups, blocks, and stacking toys!