I have searched every term that I could think of, on Ravelry, that would bring up cute little bags like the Scented Bag that Sarah designed last month. I’ve found a few that I hope y’all enjoy. Most of these are small enough that you could use scrap yarn, or even do sets for your friends and family. So let’s get started.

Small Flower Gift Bag – Creative Crochet Work Shop

This bag reminds me of spring. You could totally fit a small Easter egg in this bag. What about a sweet little necklace for your loved one? With this bag the flower is optional if you have men in your life as it is added to the bag at the end of the project.

Image By: Creative Crochet Work Shop

The finished bag is approximately 12 cm x 10 cm. You will need a double knit yarn/light worsted yarn in 2 colors, main and contrasting; she used white as the contrasting color and I really like that. You will also need your 3.5 mm crochet hook. You won’t have to worry about your tension or gauge for this bag; she does have the gauge listed though. The bag is worked in the round with basic US crochet stitching. Just click the picture to find the pattern page.


Candy Corn Inspired Ripple Soap Cozy, Candy Pouch or Small Gift Bag – Eye Love Knots

I’ve used the candy corn colors in other patterns on the blog before. I am a sucker for anything candy corn including the candy itself. Truth be told, this year my Halloween decorations will be Candy Corn themed instead of the traditional scary. My kids are sensitive because of their disabilities. The colors just go together so well. She mentions different ideas for this bag and I am going to do one of them this year for the Trick ‘or’ Treaters.

Image By: Eye Love Knots

This bag is made with worsted weight 100% cotton. She used Lily Sugar n Cream. You will need your H/5 mm crochet hook and of course the tapestry needle. If you don’t have access to Lily Sugar n Cream she does list yarn substitutes that would work just as well for her pattern. This bag is about 4½” x 5¾”. The pattern is written with US crochet stitching; you will be using all basic stitches, including a dc3tog. This is worked in the round carrying your yarn, and joining at the end of each row. Just click on the beautiful picture to find the pattern.


A Simple Pineapple Top Bag – Crochetology

I’ve come to realize that the pineapple is a common shape to crochet in our world. You can type in pineapple into the Ravelry search bar and so many patterns come up; this is one of them. I’ve used her patterns before on our blog you may recognize her name once you head on over to her pattern page.

Image By: Crochetology

Image By: Crochetology Purse Version (just add a button to hold flap)

This bag can be used as a pouch, a drawstring bag, or even a purse. With the pineapple top edge as a drawstring or pouch it measures approximately 7″ x 5″ wide; used as a purse with the top folded over 4″ x 5″ wide. You will need a cotton thread size 8 and your 3 mm crochet hook. For the draw string you will need a piece of ribbon/leather at least 20″ long or crochet a chain drawstring. If making a purse you will need a button. Bag is worked in the round using 2 strands at 1 time; starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. It is written in US crochet stitching. Just click on the picture to find the pattern page.


Crochet Soap Saver Bags – Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days

These adorable little bags are perfect for soap or whatever you feel like stuffing in it. I love the completely different colored yarn for the draw string. Marianna had designed these soap savers for a charity group that she supports, so I bet they work up fairly quick. They measure approximately 4″ wide by 6″ long.

Image By: Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days

You will need a cotton or cotton mix DK yarn and your 5 mm crochet hook. This pattern is written in UK crochet stitching which is a little different than the US crochet stitching. There are so many sites that will help you convert the stitches, unless of course you are familiar with the UK terms. It is worked in the round starting from the bottom, working to the top. Just reading this pattern I could make so many of these in just one day! Great gift idea if your needing a lot of them. Just click on the picture to find the pattern page.


Easter Gift Bag –  Crochet on the Brain 

OMG! This bag is sooooooo cute!!! I love the pastel spring colors on anything really! This would be a great alternative to an Easter Basket; best of all its the shape of an egg. The puff stitch at the bottom is just perfect and makes it look like a basket.

Image By: Crochet on the Brain

You will need a 100% cotton worsted 4 ply yarn. She used Peaches & Creme in Sweet Pea Stripes. Also your J/6 mm crochet hook. The Easter bag is approximately 8 ½” tall, 23″ circumference base, and 18″ circumference top. She does list the gauge measurements as well, but I don’t think it would matter to much on this pattern. It is made with US crochet stitching and uses basic of basic stitching. She does list instructions on how to do the Puff Stitch if you are not familiar with it. We are crocheting in the round and joining at the end of each row; unless otherwise stated. Just click on the amazing photograph to find the pattern page!

I do hope that you will enjoy making some or all of these little bags. I found them all on Ravelry. So go add them to your favorites!