I know that Easter has come and gone this year but, I have found some other cute things to whip up for your next years Easter. I hope you find them as cute as I did. Remember, all of these are found on Ravelry. So go add them to your list of things to make!

Easter Egg Minions – The Lazy Hobby Hopper

I know that Minions are a huge hit with kids, teens, and even some adults. I will admit they are cute but I have never seen the movies, even though my kids own all 3 of them, so I have no idea what all the hype is about them. These Minion Eggs are the cutest rendition of a minion I have seen crocheted yet!

Image By: The Lazy Hobby Hopper

To make these adorable guys you will need a sport weight yarn in yellow, blue, black, grey, and white. She doesn’t say what brand of yarn she used to make these, I’m sure any brand would work if you could find the right colors. She used her 3.5 mm Crochet Hook (D), fiberfill or yarn scraps for stuffing the eggs, small black beads for the eyes (I bet you could even use super small safety eyes if they make them). She did use thread for the mouths to make the different facial expressions. These are worked in the round so you may want to keep a stitch marker handy. Minions are approximately 3 ¾” tall and 2 ¾” wide once completed.

Little Easter Bunny – Amigurumi Food

I just love how this little bunny is playing “Peek a Boo” in a tea cup. Its just way to adorable not to have on the blog. I can just see this as a centerpiece on tables for Easter dinner or even tea time! This pattern is written for skill level beginner but you need to know what she means by increase and decrease. Super tiny and super cute.

Image By: Amigurumi Food


To make this guy you will need your 2.75 mm or 3.00 mm crochet hook, 6 mm safety eyes (2), fiberfill, embroidery floss and your stitch marker. Designer states that you can use any color combination you want, she chose natural colors; white, light green, and orange. I have sent an e-mail to designer to find out what size/weight yarn she used to complete this.

Crocheted Easter Bunny – Yarnplaza

At first glance these reminded me of the yummy squishy goodness of peeps. But then I got to thinking and they remind me of old school stuffed animals that were almost like a paper weight, haha. They would be cute on the shelf as a decoration or even in the Easter baskets from the Easter bunnies around the world. They are so easy to look at.

Image By: Yarnplaza

To make this family of bunnies you will need Organico of Lana Grossa yarn; wow, a yarn I haven’t come across yet, it is a 100% Cotton yarn. To make the large bunnies you will need to crochet using 2 strands of yarn; to make the smaller bunnies just crochet using 1 strand of yarn. When making the large ones you will need your 6.0 mm Crochet hook; 4.0 mm Crochet hook for the smaller ones. These are made in 2 separate pieces and then crocheted together. Bunnies are made of all single crochet stitches.

Easter Mantel Piece/Table Runner – SPRE: Patterns & Designs

This would be perfect hanging from a fireplace or even hanging from your bar counter top. As the designer states it can be used as a hanging mantel piece or a table runner. She states that she started it as a table runner but her mother has since then decided to use it as a mantel piece. I’m pretty sure that I have figured this graph out; just don’t know what stitch is used.

Image By: SPRE: Patterns & Designs

This is not a written pattern per se. If you know how to do “graphghans” then you will be able to understand this. Graphghans are on my list to learn how to do! With that said, this is worked C2C (Corner 2 Corner). I bet you could use any yarn weight to make this. She doesn’t list the weight on yarn but does list the following colors: Grey, Coral, White, Black, Purple, Teal, Sage, Yellow, and Light Blue.

*If you end up making this one, I’d like to see how it turned out!

Pocket Peep – Crochetverse 

Do you like those sticky, sugary, colorful marshmallow peeps? They say either you love them or you hate them. I love them. I get them any time I see them in the store for any holiday. This one is not edible but is still chunky and squishy just like a real one. I’ve always only seen the bunny peep made crochet but not the chick.

Image By: Crochetverse

To make this peep you will need approximately 50 yards in Red Heart Super Saver, your 4.25 mm Crochet Hook (G), and a small amount of fiberfill or yarn scraps for stuffing. Designer used black yarn for the eyes but does say black puffy paint as well. This peep is about 5″ tall and 3″ wide when finished. This is made is a few different pieces, sew’n together and stuffed; using basic US crochet stitches.

I hope that y’all enjoy making these!