Since November, I have become an actual paid employee by Crochet Surprise. I now help Sarah find the patterns for the months boxes and correspond with all the companies we use to pack and ship the boxes; it has been much fun. I love working for a company that I do as a hobby. I guess this really isn’t work to me more of my happiness. Christmas was also this month, what a stressful month if you have children.

I know for me as a mom, I always want Christmas to be the best holiday ever. I grew up in a broken household. I was the oldest of 3 children between my mother and bio father. They divorced when I was about 3 or 4 years old. Anyways, because of this my brothers and I had a total of 4 Christmas’s every year! You could say that we were spoiled, but that’s how I knew Christmas to be. We lived with my bio dad for most of our childhood. So we always did Christmas Eve at my Grandparents house with the rest of the family on that side. Big ole Christmas dinner and opening presents after dinner. Christmas morning we were at our home and opened the presents that Santa brought to us. Later that day we would be picked up my mother and my step-dad, who I now call dad. We did Christmas over at my mothers house, and some how Santa knew to save some of presents for her house as well. Once we were done at my mothers, we would all pack up and head to my Grandmothers on that side for more presents. It was crazy ridiculous how much we got for Christmas as kids because of our situation.

Now that I am a mother, I strive to make Christmas just like it was when I was kid. Its very hard, trust me. I’ve come to realize over the years that Santa doesn’t bring all the big expensive fun stuff to children like he did when I was little. When I was little Christmas was materialistic; it was all about how many gifts we got. We didn’t understand that Christmas was just time for family. Santa brings my children 1 gift each and its usually 1 cheap little toy plus their stockings. The rest is from us, mom and dad. We have worked hard all year long to make Christmas fun for our kids. I honestly hate Christmas time just because of all the hype it brings.

I managed to get the stockings from last month done just in time for Christmas. But like I said, they were not used for Santa to fill up. I don’t want these to stretch and loose their shape. They are way to cute to ruin. So they are purely decorations in my household. In the meantime I got the next box. The December boxes always come early due to the fact that people send them as Christmas gifts. So we strive to get them mailed out early enough to be put under the Christmas tree for Christmas morning. I honestly didn’t even start on this project till after the New Year because I was working on a diamond painting that took me over a month to finish. Once that was done I started on the new box.

Speaking of Stockings; the winner for the most comments and likes was Kristie K. I had featured her photograph back in November in the original post about the Stockings. Sarah stated, “It was hard to pick a winner for the Christmas stocking box. They were all amazing. We put everyone’s name who posted a pic into a hat and the winner is Kristie. Congratulations!”

Image By: Kristie K

The tea provided this month by, The Jasmine Pearl Co. was their Burnside Chai – This decadent dessert blend combines house-roasted spices with malty Indian black tea, ripe Chinese puerh, and ginger. The result is a vibrant, full-bodied chai with a smooth and spicy finish. for a richer experience, prepare it traditionally by simmering it in milk for a few minutes, adding sweetener if desired, then straining. Member reviews on this tea are below. I can’t give you my review on the teas because I am a coffee drinker.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

This pattern was provided to us by Toni from TL Yarn Crafts. After I read the tea description I looked at the yarn. The grey toned one was perfect in color. The teal colored yarn I couldn’t see this hat made with that color as it sits in skein form. I have to be honest and tell you that I fell in love with this hat and the way it looked the minute Sarah sent me the pattern to type up for this insert. With that being said I started with the Cream/Silver color. I never ever have had trouble starting a project with the magic ring until this hat. I think it was because doing the puff stitch right away. Wasn’t to bad to do just fiddily. Is that a word? haha. To make these beauties you will need your 7 and 8 mm crochet hook; also uses basic US crochet terms. The poms were bought in bulk from a business. Sarah is in the process of collaborating with that company to get some on our website for our members to purchase. They were beautiful and really nice. I loved the fact that they were removable from the beanie!

Image By: TL Yarn Crafts

Previously I stated that I started with the Cream/Silver. I used the darker pom pom for that one. It turned out beautiful and my little brother’s girlfriend snagged that one. Totally ok. I don’t like the feeling of wool so I wouldn’t wear the hats anyways. I was so surprised on how quick these hats worked up with so little yarn from the skein. Most of our customers got multiple hats from one skein, made a scarf or other accessory to go along with the hat. Remember when I said I didn’t like the Teal/Cream color sitting in skein form. The way it ombred on the hat it is so adorable. It has grown on me, especially the more I see the members photos of it popping up on our facebook members page. These hats will deffinately be ones I will whip up on a time crunch. So easy and quick, quick, quick. Below are some photos from our members completed Bubble Slouch XL hats.

Image By: Leslie O


Image By: Ellen M


Image By: Carrie O


Image By: Erin S


Image By: Jessica C 


Image By: Judy H