Man, it seems like forever since I’ve made a post. These last few month’s monthly projects have been super quick to make. Since the Waffle Boots not much has happened on this home front, (I’ve been binge watching Alaska: The Last Frontier). We had spring break last week. I’m so glad the kiddos are back to school. I needed a break! I don’t know what I will do for the summer. I may have no hair left, ha-ha.

Well February’s box came in 1 day, quickest yet! When I seen on the shipping e-mail that it was going to arrive the next day I thought to myself I wonder why so quick. Usually it takes 2-4 days for me to get my box here in Texas. Nevertheless I was excited to get my box.

As soon as I seen that the box was delivered I went to the mailbox immediately because at the time I had nothing on my hook and I was itching to make something. Sarah, even had some extra yarn from the warehouse sent to me so that I could make something. What, I didn’t know at the time. The surprise box arrived first.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

This month’s box felt very light to pick up and it smelled wonderful. I cut the tape and opened the box. Always see the insert first. Turned it over to read the Tea flavor, looked at the inside of the insert and seen the little bag; how adorable! The yarn; absolutely beautiful coloring and 2 pouches of potpourri.

The Tea as always came from the wonderful Jasmine Pearl Tea Company. This month was a “COCOA ROUGE– Cacao nibs and hearty roasted chicory add lots of body to the rooibos base in this rich, satisfying blend. Vanilla extract helps give the mixture its warm flavor and adds depth to its enticing aroma. As a dessert blend, Cocoa Rouge can be drunk by itself, but the addition of milk and sweetener makes for a extra-delicious treat.” Upon opening and smelling the tea, I got a huge whiff of chocolate with a hint of vanilla. My father-in-law is making a cup as we speak, as y’all know I don’t drink tea, I’m a coffee drinker.

Once steeped I hardly could smell the chocolate more of the vanilla. Father-In-Law used milk in it, he’s diabetic and can’t take sweeteners. He could smell the chocolate through the vanilla. He did say that it is one of his more favorite ones that he has tried in the year that I’ve been a member. Also said would purchase again if needed. Here are a few comments about the Cocoa Rouge Tea from our subscribers:

  • Jeanne A:Just had a cup of tea from my CS box. Very smooth and delicious. Thank you Sarah and Doug. A good choice to send to us this month.
  • Chelle S:This one was really good
  • Jenny P:Everyone in the family liked this one. Didn’t even need to add Honey.”

The potpourri pouches came from Ateliereemmarose. The potpourri smells wonderful from afar. If I put it right under my nose I could very well give myself a headache. Again, from previous posts y’all know I am also sensitive to smells. The scent of the pouches are a mixture of dried lavender and rose petals. They are meant to go inside the bag you will crochet.

Oh, the button magnets. I didn’t see those in the box till I got home. I didn’t expect anything extra but decided to dig around in the paper shredding to see if there was something else I was missing. Low and behold I found a set of magnets. Can I just say, GENIUS! They immediately found their way to my fridge. There are 6 button magnets total each with a different saying.

  • Keep Calm and Crochet On
  • Crochet Takes Balls
  • I’m Hooked
  • To many WIPS to count
  • Just one more row…
  • Crocheters are sexy

The magnets came from Buttons and Things Etsy store. There are a few other different sayings to get. Pretty sure I’ll be buying a couple more sets to add to my new collection.

I will admit I didn’t start the bag till after the 5th. I like to read all the posts on our members Facebook page. Let me tell you, there wasn’t many questions asked about this pattern, which means its super easy to follow and quick to make.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

Reading over some of those posts I found out that our founder Sarah, designed and created this bag. She has a hard time taking credit for it but SHE DID it! Sarah did state: “I didn’t design it from scratch. I saw a pic, but could only find the pattern written in another language (and they used a very fine thread). Then found other bags that were similar, but designed slightly different. So I interpreted the pattern as best I could and changed it up based on some of the features I liked better on the other bags 🙂” It always takes inspiration from other patterns to come up with your own. I can’t even imagine designing and coming up with pattern by my self. Especially with how busy she has been this last month or so. Props to her!

The bag probably in total took me 2-3 hours to make. In reality that 2-3 hours had been spread out over two days. Well, because, I have young children that come first. So I work when I can. I only had to ask the Facebook group one question. When I got to Round 12 I didn’t know where to do the starting slip stitch for that round. I got help from Sarah quicker than I thought. Once I got over that super easy bump the pattern went quick. The only thing that I would change on the bag, is the length of the draw string from ch 108 to maybe a ch 88 or 98 in between the flowers.

I did attempt to make a second bag, I got about half way through and ran out of the yarn. You could still do a second bag with the yarn from the box but it would be about half the size maybe smaller so that you still could do the drawstring.

Again, high five to Sarah for designing this bag and sharing it with us!