My fellow blog writers, do you find yourself reading your last post before typing a new one? I had to this month, just to make sure that I wasn’t going to repeat anything.

My responsibilities with Crochet Surprise have broadened. Can I say that I’m so excited to be doing more for you! I now run the Crochet Surprise Instagram account. You can follow us here @crochetsurprise.

New Years has come and gone! I can’t believe its all ready February 2019! Yes, it’s February. For our new members; our boxes are shipped out at the end of the month. Example: the Waffle Boots; shipped out at the end of January 2019 but it is the box for January not February. I know a lot of our customers get it confused at the beginning, including me.

Do y’all have your Valentines projects finished?  I normally would crochet my children’s teachers a cute little something; I just don’t have the time to do that this year. Last year I went all out and made these cute little Valentine’s Teddy Bears. Needless to say they were not finished till almost a week after Valentines Day. You can find the pattern here VALENTINES TEDDY BEAR.

Image By: TaNiesha McCune

I was on our group Facebook page towards the end of January and noticed we had a couple new subscribers asking when the boxes would be shipped. As I was typing up the comments on their posts I got my e-mail stating my box had shipped. Normally when it ships out on a Thursday I won’t get it till the following Monday. I think that my local post offices’ have caught up finally from the holiday rush because I got my box 2 days after getting the shipping confirmation.

I was so bored at the time, I had nothing to work on, that when I checked tracking and realized that the box had been delivered; I hopped in the car right away to go get the box. As always since I’ve moved I opened it in the car before heading back to the house. SLIPPERS……………………..

Image By: Crochet Surprise

Before I dig into the yarn and slippers; the tea! As always The Jasmine Pearl Tea did not disappoint. HONEY LEMON GINGER – A comforting brew to enjoy during the fall and winter seasons. Natural honey flavor with lemony herbs, green tea, honey-bush and spicy ginger. A sweet and luscious tea with wide appeal. 

The smell of this tea before being brewed smelled like a honey cough drop to me. I really like the smell. Unfortunately I am allergic to ginger so I can not sip on this one. I will let y’all know what my father-in-law thinks of the tea once he makes a cup.

This “boot” pattern has been brought to us by the wonderful Lisa van Klaveren at Holland Designs. If you like her pattern and want to see more of her designs she does have a Etsy page or visit her website Holland Designs.

I’ve been working on different slippers all winter long. To see that this box was more slippers I was excited that this pair was so much easier than the last. I always read over the insert before looking at the contents of the box. I initially thought that we were going to be using both colors and double stranding it. Boy, was I way wrong. Its hard to tell in the picture on the insert that the slippers were 2 different colors. Sarah, you did amazing at picking the color choices!

Both blends are made by Patons; one is the Alpaca Blend and the other is the Classic Wool Roving. I know that I’ve done a wool/cotton mix but never just wool. I normally wouldn’t like the feeling of wool clothing items, even blankets. Back in the day when I was a kid, thirty some odd years ago, everything and anything made from wool just completely itched. Needless to say this isn’t to itchy on my fingers while I was working the slippers.

It was a little tricky to see when making stitches just because of the way they spin it to make it. Its not a tight spin, more like a weave together. I found that if I wasn’t paying close attention my hook would slide right through the middle of the strand. If your used to using acrylic yarn this may be a little tough for you to get used to for that reason. Other than that love the texture of the alpaca and wool.

I made the smallest size on the pattern, I have small feet. The slipper fit perfect length wise but it was really loose around my foot. It was to wide for my little foot. Regardless, I still love the way that they turned out. I like the fact that the cuff was long enough to fold down and still look okay. Once I get more acquainted with designing my own patterns, I think I’ll figure out how to reduce these in size and make them to fit my feet! Until then, I’m going to send these to my momma.

Image By: TaNiesha McCune

Image By: TaNiesha McCune









To purchase this box (while supplies last) you can scroll back to the top and click on the picture of the Crochet Surprise Box contents or go to the Crochet Surprise website.

Stay tuned for the next post; more slippers, boots, and house slippers!