Hi there! It seems like I haven’t made a post for awhile. I took some time off to finish making my wedding dress which, I barely got done in time. I literally cut the last piece of yarn while the alarm was going off to get my 2 boys up for school. I had hours to spare.

I started my dress June 6, 2019 and got it finished September 4, 2019, my wedding day! I honestly thought that the dress was going to be big on me because I am such a tiny woman. Boy, was I wrong; the base was to small so I had to step into the dress and it was still so tight I got stuck and had to have my mother help me pull it around my shoulders. My husband and I had just eloped at our local Justice of the Peace. It was a perfect day. We got lucky and have a photographer in the family so we got good pictures done. I’ll post some in the blog post when ever I receive them back.

Its been so long since I opened this box, I don’t remember the anticipation I had. I think this was the box I didn’t have my car for so I couldn’t get it until the next day.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

Needless to say I have never been disappointed. In this month’s box we received 4 skeins of 24/7 Cotton in Denim, the pattern inserts, and of course the Tea. The 24/7 Cotton yarn is a brand from Lion Brand Yarns. It is a worsted 4 medium weight. Each skein is 100 grams in weight. It is 100% Mercerized Cotton. I actually like the way this one does feel like a pair a jean material. So the name does it justice being Denim.

The tea, as always, provided by The Jasmine Pearl. This month’s tea is their Lemon Hibiscus – Hibiscus, lemongrass, lemon balm, and lemon myrtle give this blend its refreshing qualities. Brews a beautiful, deep red color and makes a lovely herbal iced tea! 

Jamie Blanchard one of our subscribers stated; “The Lemon Hibiscus Tea was such a treat…It was so delicious brewed and then poured over ice!!! After giving my son a sip, he had to have some too! Great Tea! I wanted to try brewing it as a Sun Tea, but afraid my days are no longer warm enough. Also, I was affraid of wasting any of it, it was that good!!!”

This Wildrose Market Bag was provided to us by Stephanie Lau at All About AmiPattern instructions call for a 3.75 mm hook and 2.75 mm hook. I had the 3.75 mm but not a 2.75 mm so I went down to a 3.5 mm hook and a 2.5 mm hook to make mine. It still came out just fine and just as big. This uses a few beginner special stitches and basic crochet stitches.

This granny square bag was fun to make. Like stated before; I am new to granny squares and I didn’t have an issue making all 13 of these. The center of them on mine did come out puffed up. Designer did leave a note how to fix that. I decided that I was going to block mine, only because I had just received my blocking boards and pins for my wedding dress. I thought that the squares looked like a bra almost. I just had to block them. I did a full soak block, it took a full 24 hours to dry completely. I’d probably do a damp spray block for this type of yarn next time.

Connecting the squares was just as easy as making them. I know that some modified the pattern so they could join as they go. I waiting till 13 were completed and then joined them. I did however join one block in the wrong spot. Thank goodness, that I hadn’t tied it off yet and I was able to take it out and put it in the right spot.

The waistcoat stitch; this stitch can be very hard for those that have never done it before. I know that I absolutely hated it when I first learned it. It now comes very easy to me and I love doing it. I do have a few tips for those that haven’t done it before. If you read the pattern fully, the row before the waistcoat stitch go up 1 hook size; continue the waistcoat stitch using the bigger hook. It helped me the first few times. I had no issue with it using a 2.5 mm hook the entire time.

Image By: Stephanie Lau at All About Ami

The Wildrose Market Bag was constructed beautifully.  I have gotten many comments on just the pictures I have posted. Pretty sure I may even get a few orders for some; fingers crossed. Recently, Sarah and Doug decided that we are doing a little competition. Basically, when you post a picture of your completed project, based on how many likes and comments the picture gets there will be a winner. Picture with most likes and comments wins a gift card to somewhere like movie theaters, craft stores, etc. We had 2 winners this month. Sarah posts the winners and their picture so that the community knows who won and the winner can claim their prize.

Quoted from Sarah’s post,

“Hi everyone. Just wanted to say how exciting it was to see everyone’s market bag last month. The pics looked great 😉

So it was a tough choice but we’ve decided to give prizes to 2 people this month. Congrats Sarah M. and Tania W. !

Sarah – well done on getting out of your comfort zone and having never made granny squares before, you did a great job!

Tania – with you being new to reading patterns and having followed the pattern start to finish, you also did a great job!”

Way to go ladies! Your bags look amazing. Below are some of our subscribers Wildrose Market Bags.

Image By: Tania W. 1 of 2 winners!


Image By: Deb P.


Image By: Heather Z.


Image By: Shanon M.