I know that we have quite a few new subscribers to Crochet Surprise, so I just want to explain how the boxes are shipped. The latest box that we received at the end of June or beginning of July is the box for June. If you subscribed to Crochet Surprise before the middle of the month you will most likely get the box with the rest of us. If you subscribed towards the end of the month you will have to wait till the following box is shipped out. Secondly, WELCOME TO CROCHET SURPRISE! We are happy that you decided to join our family.

Not a lot happened in June for this household. Father’s Day did happen. My boys decided to get dad a cool little 4 – 1 BBQ Rack and some BBQ Gloves so dad doesn’t burn his hands when he is on the grill. We had quite a bit of rain, more than normal, here in Central Texas so we didn’t grill much. Now, its just ridiculously hot and humid to even want to go outside.

Here in America we celebrate July 4th, it is our Independence Day and the whole entire American people celebrate by usually having a big BBQ and doing fireworks. Fireworks are actually illegal in the city that I live in so we can’t do any. We did BBQ some hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwursts, and hotlinks though. Then our city Fire Department puts on a giant firework show and we did go watch that. It was pretty good. Fireworks aren’t really a big deal for me but!, when you have a 4 and 5 year old seeing their excitement about them makes them fun again.

When the box for June arrived I was in the middle of a skein, working on my wedding dress. I’ve gotten 59/74 of the large motifs for it completed. Then I’ve got to make 3 half big motifs, 24 small square motifs, 4 half square motifs, crochet it all together, and then crochet the edging on the sleeves and body of the dress. I’m getting married the first week of September so I need to hurry hurry hurry. I did open the box to see the contents though.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

I always grab the insert first and read the back of it for the tea description. This months tea is Lavender Rose – Organic Bai Mudan or “White Peony” is blended with roses, lavender, lemon balm, and lemon myrtle for a fragrant and light-bodied tea. Brewing instructions can be found on The Jasmine Pearl website or click here for the direct link to the instructions. 

I didn’t even open the insert to see what the project was. I looked at the contents of the box and there was a goodie this month! We all got a lip balm from Eco Lips. We got their brand Pure & Simple in Vanilla. It smells so good, feels good on my lips too. It has been certified Organic by Organic Tilth, and the USDA! It seriously feels like it just melts on your lips when you put it on.

There was so many different items in this box. 4 pieces of black fabric, 4 zippers, a spool of black sewing thread, a case of sewing needles, some floral pins, and the yarn. I finally looked at what was printed on the inside of the insert. A double sided make up bag! Awesome!!! Honestly, I’ve been using a insulated baby bottle holder for my make up. I was excited to see this was our project for June.

I want to send a shout out real quick to Sarah for spending the time to watch the video tutorial to write the pattern out for us. That had to take some time. So, thank you Sarah.

I actually loved the way that the yarn felt. To me it was almost like a t-shirt material spun together. I definitely would love to see what other colors this yarn brand has to offer. The yarn brand is Alize in Cotton Gold . This yarn is made up of 55% cotton and 45% acrylic which gives it that t-shirt feel to me. I was able to find a website to buy it from, then I decided to look at the information on the actual skein we got in our box. They have their own website, I did have to click the translate button. They offer multiple types of yarn and for the Alize Cotton Gold it comes in 32 colors.

I finally was able to start the project a few days after receiving it. It started out great for me until, I got to Round 11 and my work wasn’t matching up with the pattern. Had to get online and watch the video to find out what I had done wrong. Low and behold I didn’t even do a middle section to separate the 2 sides of the bag. Oops, so I had to frog it all the way down to round 4. Once I figured out what I did wrong it went by so fast. I was immediately right back to round 11 in no time, and guess what? The stitch count matched.

I have never made something crochet that involved actual hand sewing. So, when I got to the sewing part I didn’t even attempt to do it with out watching the video step by step and sometimes multiple times for that step. I’m not a fan of hand sewing and never have been good at it. I do have a sewing machine, its nothing special, but so scared to use it on yarn.

I struggled getting the zippers to line up with the bag just right. I crochet tightly and never checked my gauge; never do on any project. I think I should have cause I had to stretch the bag to make the zippers fit. I got them on though. Next came the lining. The first one I did just right, had no problem getting it to fit. The second lining though, I sewed to small. After fighting with hand sewing and stabbing myself multiple times under my finger nail I decided to just throw in the towel. After all that I didn’t have the patience to take out the stitching and redo it to size. I did get the one side completed though and will still use that part. I might use the open part without the lining for make up brushes, might even become my crochet hook case. I have so many different sets.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

This definitely tested my crafting skills. I think that I would be all right with sewing on a piece of fabric on the back of a blanket but for now, no more inserts for me. I did enjoy this box though. Like stated above, I did enjoy learning a new stitch technique. There are still some boxes left to order. Get yours now – Double Makeup Bag.

Below are a few of our subscribers’ finished Double Makeup Bag.

Image By: Corena B.


Image By: Heather Z.


Image By: Louise F


Image By: Chrystal M