February flew by this year. It was my 9 year “dating” anniversary with my boyfriend; I can’t believe that it has been that long.

So April was a month full of lots of stress and anxiety! As y’all know, I have 2 disabled children, they do receive disability payments from the Social Security Administration. During our move clear back in November, the person I spoke with on the phone only updated half the accounts on both children. Long story short my children’s’ payments were canceled for the month. Also because they are disabled and get payments their insurance is connected to it. No payments meant no insurance!

While I found all this out my youngest (4 years old) has problems with his ear drums and he has constant ear infections. His pain tolerance is so high and he never gets a fever; so we never know that he has an ear infection until his poor little ear drums rupture. Well in 11 days both his ear drums ruptured 2 times each!!! With no insurance and no disability payments we were not able to afford a doctor appointment. I finally was able to get him in to a doctor, but had to pay out of pocket up front for all of that. He is doing so much better and we see a new Ear Nose and Throat doctor in a week.

Meanwhile, I had to make a trip to the emergency room for myself. I was struggling to breath and with my past since being here in Texas, my boyfriend made me go in. They did a EKG on me because my heart rate was elevated when I arrived; it came back normal. They also took x-rays of my lungs, even though the pulse oximeter was reading that my o2 levels in my blood were ok! 4 hours later of sitting in the waiting room, they pull me into my own room for a breathing treatment and to tell me I have bronchitis and I can go! I wasn’t even in my own room for an hour! Oh, this visit made me so mad! It was ridiculous. In the meantime, my oldest (5 years old) was also recovering from the nasty strep-throat! So yeah, a fun month for me!

Oh, I keep writing “boyfriend” well; I can happily say “FIANCE” now! Yup, I am engaged to be married to the love of my life, the father of my beautiful children, and the man of my dreams! Our plans are for September this year. It’s not a big thing to us to get married. We have all ready been together for 9 years. I’ve always told him that I don’t need a piece of paper to prove to you and everyone else that I love you, just get me a ring! And he did! Oh I am so excited.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

Enough of me let’s get going on what this box was. Again, I got my box in just 1 day! I love how the shipping is slowly getting faster. This box was heavy to me! For being yarn and tea I thought wow this is a little on the heavy side. Once I got home I opened the box! 3 skeins of yarn; white, bright orange, and a pastel yellow. Hmm, duck or chick?!?! There was also a bag of fiber fill so I knew it was going to be Amigurumi (Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures). The box had a small bag of Safety Eyes; and let me just tell you! This was the first time that I have ever used safety eyes and I love them. I will never use a knot or yarn again for eyes on a creature/animal that I will make in the future. Does anyone know if there is something similar for animal noses? Haha, wishful thinking.

The tea is a smaller bag of “KIRISHIMA – An organic Japanese sencha tea that offers a rich and savory brew with hints of steamed spinach and lightly toasted grain, along with a brothy finish and minimal astringency. MAKE SURE TO NOTE THE 2-3 MINUTE STEEPING TIME.”  To order more tea follow this link The Jasmine Pearl Tea Co.

I finally opened up the insert; FOR CUTENESS!!!! I knew instantly that I wasn’t going to be able to work on these in the living room like I normally do when crocheting. I would have never heard the end of it from my 5 year old. “Momma, can I have it?” “Momma, are you done?” “Come on momma, let me have it.” “Momma, this is mine?” He likes to take claim on most of the things I am making. I worked on this in my room once the kiddos were in bed.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

It’s a Easter Chick! This pattern was provided to us by Jennifer Percival from Crochet to PlayJob well done on this one. I just can’t get over how darn stinkin’ cute this thing is. I decided that I was going to make 2 of them and give them to my kids for Easter. I got the first one done in like 5 days just because I only worked on it while I was sitting in bed waiting for my kids to fall asleep. This pattern was very well written and easy to follow. My first chick I had decided to sew the feet on the outside of the shell, I also had sew’n on the shell so my kids didn’t loose it. It turned out cute but the shell ended up looking like a diaper with it sew’n on. The second one I followed the pattern to a “T”. Feet sew’n on the chick it self and I left the egg shell unattached. They both turned out cute in their own ways. I do wish that I had “chalk” or whatever was used to make the rose cheeks on the insert photograph. Needless to say, Easter morning my kids were excited to see a Baby Chick. My 5 year old was most excited that he could make the Chick hatch out of the egg.

Our subscribers made some adorable alterations to their Easter Chick. A few of their photographs are featured below! I just love how many different styles we got out of the one pattern. Y’all are so creative and they came out so adorable.

Image By: Kyton D.

Image By: Molly B.

Image By: Jaime L.

Image By: Chrys M.

Image By: Jenny P.

Image By: TaNiesha M.