Sarah and I had been talking awhile ago about possibly doing a baby set in the Crochet Surprise Box. By set I mean a blanket, hat, and booties, or something exactly like what came in our box for the month of May! First off before I dive into the box contents;


Image By: Sarah & Douglas Lim

Ok, contents of the box. I had even mentioned to Sarah about the possibility of even doing a bunch of different booties designs that used the same colors. Little did I know with new baby on the way she was going to do a baby something for us! I’m wondering if the giraffe lovey about a year ago was their way of saying they were pregnant, haha. The Little Blue Sweater, Hat, and Booties is perfect. Even though it is blue, it does use, I think, a girly looking stitch. Either way it is just adorable.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

When opening this box I had only cut the edge of the tape. I couldn’t get the box open. I could barely tell that there was tape on the top. Right then, I knew this box was stuffed full and you could see the contents inside even with it shut. Yay! Got the box open and I see an extra Insert full of pattern. Okay so there is multiple parts, I was thinking. Then I grabbed the main insert; read the tea description.

The Jasmine Pearl always comes through with flavors. This month’s tea is KASHMIRI CHAIOur hearty gunpowder green tea is blended to perfection with spicy cardamom, peppercorns and cloves with the sweet natural flavor of amaretto and finished with fragrant lavender. This tea is outstanding on its own or steeped in milk with a dash of honey. Holy cow, as I typed this tea description out I was trying to tell my father in law that he is going to love this tea, and he wasn’t in the kitchen haha. He loves spicy. If you liked the tea you can click on the name of it and it will direct you to the page to order more.

Opened the insert after reading the tea description! How perfect; I knew Sarah had made this for her little bundle of joy that she had been preparing to have! Most would assume that it is for a boy because it is blue. That could be; I think that it is more on the feminine side because of the way the stitch turned out. Needless to say if its worn by male or female babies its super cute either way. The Little Blue Sweater, Hat and Booties has been provided to us by Amy Kilhenny from Amy’s Crochet Cafe. I went and looked at her etsy shop and needless to say she has quite a few more adorable little outfits for baby to come!

Image By: Crochet Surprise

To make this pattern you will need 5 oz #4 acrylic yarn, we used “Pound of Love” by Lion Brand in Pastel Blue. You will need 2 hook sizes to complete the full project; 4 mm/G hook, and 5 mm/H hook. You will also need 5 – ½” buttons and 1 – 1″ button. You will also need a sewing needle to sew on the buttons; the yarn needle I have wouldn’t fit through the button holes. This pattern can be made in the following sizes; Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months. I personally made the 0-3 month size. You will need your 4 mm/G hook to start the project; the yoke, the trim on the body, part of the sleeves, the button band on the sweater, the collar, and both booties. You will need your 5 mm/H hook for the body, part of the sleeves, and the hat.

This was my first ever attempt at making a clothing item that wasn’t a(n) accessory. I was actually nervous to even attempt it. But I thought, what the heck?!? I am crocheting my wedding dress so this must be way easier; and it was. I started with the sweater because I knew the hat and booties were going to be super easy. I got through everything just fine until I got to the button band. For some reason I have the hardest time when it comes to figuring out the stitch count on a raw edge. Even though in the pattern it states the stitch count on this part didn’t matter, I’m to much of a perfectionist and it did matter to me. It took me at least half a day to figure this part out. Tried all different ways, even had my math wise of a husband try and help me and he couldn’t figure it out. I should have wrote down how I figured it out because as I type this out I can’t remember the exact way of how I got the stitch count to work. I did however write down the stitch count. But remember I made the 0-3 month size so that is what this stitch count is for.

Image By: TaNiesha M – Crochet Surprise

I did notice that when I was finished with the sleeves that the pattern stated to turn after each row. Oops, I didn’t turn and did my sleeves in the round. The stitch is the same but the technique and look of the stitch is a little off compared to the body of the sweater. I love to make baby booties. They are such a easy stash buster and so many different styles out there. I made those before I did the hat. They turned out super adorable. I then made the hat and I would have to say that this hat was the smallest hat I have ever made. Thinking maybe I should make the 3-6 month size hat as well since there is plenty of yarn left over.

I had asked on my personal social media if any one was going to be having a baby boy in the near feature. The only response I got was for a baby girl due in August. So I took a picture of the completed project from the insert and asked if it was to boyish for her. Long story short, it ended up being to boyish for her. I had suggestions to add flowers to it some how. So that is what I did. I went to ravelry and found a small flower I liked and made them. For the sweater I made the size the pattern said too; hook wise and all. For the hat, I went down a hook size; and same with the booties, I went down a hook size from the hat. It worked out perfectly. Afterwards I sew’d the flowers to the sweater, hat, and booties with the button as the center of the flower. It worked!! IT TURNED OUT SO BEAUTIFUL THAT GRANDMA ACCEPTED IT FOR HER GRANDDAUGHTER THOUGH IT WAS BLUE! I felt I had accomplished her vision with this.

Image By: tm_CrochetedKitchen

Below are some of our subscribers completed Little Blue Sweater, Hat, and Booties.

This subscriber decided to have her cat model the outfit. I died laughing when I saw her post and immediately asked if I could post it here for y’all to see.

Image By: Heather Z.

Image By: Angel B.

This next subscriber had decided to make a blanket with the extra yarn she had. We all admired the fact that she used the same stitch technique in the blanket that is done on the sweater! So beautiful, well done!

Image By: Barbara J.

This last photograph has 2 outfits. This subscriber is having a new set of twins enter their family here shortly. She made them matching outfits.

Image By: Candice M.