Roundabout Cowl

As I read the posts on the Crochet Surprise Box Facebook page, I sit here and think I need to start this month’s project already so I can start writing about it and posting pictures of each step as I complete them.

This month’s box had a bag of the ‘Tea of the Month’. This month’s tea was EARL GREY LAVENDER – Classic earl grey blended with aromatic lavender blossoms. Delicious both hot or iced.

I am not a tea drinker myself. I normally give the tea to my father-in-law. I am waiting for him to try it both ways hot and iced. On previous months he has enjoyed the loose-leaf teas! He is excited to try this month’s tea. My father-in-law had said that it was amazing while it was hot. Said that it was even better iced. He was very impressed with the Earl Grey Lavender.



The box also had a little gift included, as most months there is something a little extra. This month it was a pair of earrings. I know we have a couple of males in the group that subscribed for the whole year. I know that you have a momma, daughter, wife or lady friend in general that would enjoy the earrings. I myself have super sensitive skin and will only be able to wear them on special occasions and for a short period of time. They are super cute though, a skein of yarn with the word yarn engraved in the middle! What cuteness. We’d like to see some pictures of y’all wearing the earrings as well as the project….

The pattern this month is a Roundabout Cowl. It uses 2 balls of Red Heart Colorscape Yarn. Color is Montreal. It is 100% acrylic; I’m absolutely shocked it’s acrylic because of how soft it is. I am in love with the color scheme too. You’ll need a 6.5mm/K/10.5 crochet hook and a tapestry needle to sew in the ends. The cowl is crocheted in the round BUT each round is joined with a slip stitch.



I did notice, during the process of making the Ch 160 at the beginning, that the yarn liked to twist itself up. I paid no attention to it really. Let’s hope it didn’t twist and make the whole project twisted.  *Edit: The cowl didn’t twist up as long as I made sure it was facing the same way when I did the slip stitch to make it a circle.

Round 1 was fun to figure out; only reason is making sure you don’t twist the chain as you do your single crochet in each chain around. Other than that single crochet all around; join with slip stitch to first single crochet. Round complete! Super quick and easy.

Round 2 is pretty fun. Once you get the hang of the repetitive stitches you most likely won’t have to continue to read the pattern. I got in the groove of it pretty quick and it didn’t take long at all.

When I first read round 3, I was questioning how to do it. But I just jumped right in and crocheted as I read along. In the beginning it said to slip stitch every stitch till you get to the first chain 4 on the previous round. For me it was 3 slip stitches followed by the chain 8 in the chain 4 area. Once you do the slip stitch to the chain 4 area it’s simple. It’s round 2 but backwards. Meaning, triple crochet first, then the chain 4 and last the 3-double crochet. Again, once I got into the groove I didn’t have to read pattern over and over again until I got to round 4.

Round 4 states to slip in each stitch to chain 4 space. When I joined round 3, round 4 happened to start in the chain 4 spot so I didn’t need to do any slip stitch; I still have 40 clusters. This round is also easy peasy!

Rounds 5-12 repeats rounds 3 and 4.

Round 9 repeats round 3. About 1/3 of the way around I had to add the 2nd skein. I like to make sure the colors match when I’m adding a new skein. I ended up getting a ball about the size of a tennis ball before I got to the color I ended with on the first skein.

When I added the 2nd skein, I left a small tail from the first one. I used that small tail as well as the new yarn and continued on with this row. I myself haven’t figured out how to weave ends in on a project that has the holes in it like this cowl.

Round 13 is the final round. It’s the edging round. You will slip stitch to the first chain 4 spot. I did a slip stitch in the chain 4 then did a chain 4 and finally 4 double crochets. You will do this each chain 4 spot around. Again, once I got in the groove I didn’t have to read the round over and over again.

I didn’t think that I was going to like the cowl. It ended up being beautiful! It was fun and super easy to make. It took me about 4-5 days to complete it. Only because I have 2 disabled children under the age of 5; so, I had to continually take breaks.

The yarn felt super soft at first when it was rolled neatly into the skein. As I worked with it, it continued to feel like wool to me. It was even spun like wool. It was my first time working with a yarn like this. It was fun! I can’t wait to make more items with this type of yarn.

Stay tuned for June’s Crochet Surprise blog post!

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