I really enjoyed making the Double Makeup Bag, even with the frustrations of sewing on a zipper and liner. I have searched and searched the web for other designs for makeup bags because, I really think that they would be a hit at a farmers market, small boutique store, etc. I normally only post free patterns on these round up posts; there aren’t many free makeup patterns so I will have a few that are free but have to download or simply purchase the pattern for a small cost. With that said, lets get going on this list.

Handy Oval Makeup Purse – My Crochet Stuff 

I came across this pattern on Ravelry, so you can add it to your project list if you wanted too. The designer said that she had decided to make this Makeup Purse when she saw a family member of hers using a coin purse, made by My Crochet Stuff as well, for her lipstick and lip balms. She also got inspiration from her Oval Basket pattern, tweaked it a little bit, added a zipper and why-la she had a perfect makeup purse with a zipper. The finished size of this makeup purse is approx. 7″ x 4″ (at the widest part).

Image By: My Crochet Stuff

She used Schachenmayr Nomotta Catania yarn; which is 100% cotton in sport weight and states that 1 skein is enough for 2 makeup purses. You will need your 3.5 mm crochet hook, at least a 8″ zipper, sewing thread and needle. You will be using basic US terminology crochet stitching; sc, sc2tog, hdc, and dc. This is a quick bag worked from the bottom up. You could sew in a liner after you sew on the zipper but original pattern does not say too. That is all on preference.


Tunisian Make-Up Baggy – damn it Janet, let’s crochet!

Can I just say, I do love the name of this blog! I am sorry if it offends anyone. You must be familiar with Tunisian Style Crocheting. We did have one Tunisian Style project come in our subscription box. While designer states that you don’t need a Tunisian Style crochet hook for this project. Finished size is approx 4.5″ x 6.75″ but can vary depending on the hook and yarn you decide to use.

Image By: damn it Janet, let’s crochet

She uses a Fingering weight yarn to make the one pictured. You will also need a 7″ zipper, a 9″ x 9″ piece of fabric for the insert, sewing thread and needle, and of course your 3.5 mm crochet hook or 3.5 mm Tunisian Crochet hook, again not needed in particular. She does have written instructions for this but does point out the videos would be best to follow, especially if your not familiar with this style. You will be using basic Tunisian style crochet stitching.

Make Up Case Crochet Pattern – Akamatra 

At first glance I thought that this Make Up Case was fully crocheted. Upon reading she uses a wide lace ribbon in pink and then crochets around it. Either way I thought that it was beautiful. It was the first Make Up Case I found and saved to add to this round up post.

Image By: akamatra

To make this you will need a piece of Wide Lace Ribbon at least 35 cm long. some cotton yarn in an accenting color, your 4 mm crochet hook, some felt for the lining, sewing thread, a zipper to fit, and a sewing needle or machine. It is made with basic US crochet stitching; using only 2 stitches.


Like I stated previous, it was hard finding patterns to use for makeup bags. I decided to look up crochet hook cases thinking they could be used as a makeup brush case.

Crochet Hook Case – Crochet Spot

I came across this one and thought that it would match perfect with the Double Makeup Bag we got in the subscription box for June. This case is made up of 2 rectangle pieces; one smaller than the other, but same in length. The finished size if you follow pattern on hook size and yarn weight would be approx. 15″ wide by 7.5″ tall.

Image By: Crochet Spot

You will need a medium weight yarn, your 3.75 mm/F crochet hook, and of course a yarn needle for weaving in the ends. Designer used 2 colors, assuming so you can see the shell stitch. She does state that the gauge isn’t too important, just make sure your crocheting tight enough so your brushes and/or hooks won’t slide out.

Star Hook Case – Alli Crafts 

I found another hook case and chose this one because it is different than the one above and I wanted to give y’all some options. The star hook case is customizable because there aren’t any pockets and you can make it as big as you need to. There are no extra holes. You just slide your hooks and/or brushes into the star holes.  I love the way the star stitch looks.

Image By: Alli Crafts

Designer uses a medium weight yarn, and her 5 mm/H crochet hook. You will need to be familiar with basic US crochet stitching. She does have a link posted for a tutorial on how to do the “Star Stitch”. She does suggest to block this overnight; but not necessary.

Image By: Alli Crafts