So now that I’ve moved, I no longer get the knock at my door when the box is delivered. My mailbox is down the street and around the corner. I always get my box a day later than a lot of our subscribers and I check tracking daily. Once I knew my box was in my mailbox waiting, I went and got it. Opened my mail box to find another mailbox key, grabbed the other key and opened that box, to see a giant white box! First thought, “Whoa, did they send Christmas goodies for us too?” I took a picture of the box and sent it to my husband and he even said wowzah that’s a big box. I was excited as I haven’t seen a box from them this big yet. After I sent my husband a picture of the box, still sitting at mailboxes in car, I just had to open the box to see what was inside!

Image By: Crochet Surprise

Box open; always see the insert first sitting so pretty on top. I never open the insert until I look at all contents of the box first. Then there was the tea, “DARK FORESTA great coffee alternative! Smooth, dark, and rich, this blend of chicory, cacao, cinnamon and many other delicious herbs create a satisfying brew for morning or afternoon.”  Then I saw the shades of green, and the Styrofoam cone form. I knew instantly it was a Christmas tree. In excitement I closed the box and drove back home.

**Dec. 12, 2018: My father in law literally just made a cup and had me smell it. Now that it has been brewed I definitely can smell the cinnamon in it. If you weren’t told that it was a tea you would probably think it smells like a Old English Drink Wassail. Actually the little town that I live in, does a Wassail Fest every December. They shut down, down town, and all the business make their version of Wassail. You walk around town, stop at all the shops, and try their wassail. Most of the stores will do an kid friendly version and an adult version with some sort of whiskey in it. Father in law loves this tea. “If there is a tea you like, does this mean you can re-order some?” Laughing out loud, I think he likes it a little to much!

I wasn’t done with the angel yet. I just had to finish her before I started to tree. I got the angel finished as I only had to sew her together. But then I had remembered I had a friend of mine order 10 crocheted slippers for Christmas presents. I was half way done. Crap! I need to get these done before I can start the tree. I got the 10 pairs of slippers done in 2 different styles. Now on to this wonderful tree.

I was kind of nervous to start the tree after reading that other subscribers had to alter the pattern in ways that it would work for them. I thought am I going to have to go down a hook size, is my tension going to be just right? Well, I dove right in and started with the chain 60. Once I got done with the foundation row and started on the petals, I did it wrong. There are 20 clusters of dc stitches; which means I needed 10 petals. When slip stitching the petal to secure it I went in the chain space after a cluster, not in between the next set of dc stitches. So, when I got to petal number 10 I still had over half the foundation row left to do. I immediately went to our members Facebook page and made a post. Come to find out most of us did the same exact thing! I’m so glad we all caught it and realized that we were slip stitching into the wrong area. Needless to say, I got 10 petals finally!

Picot stitch: I’m so glad that there were pictures on how to do the picot. *When I posted a final picture on my personal Facebook page; I had a friend say that they have tried and tried the crocodile crochet technique and she can’t figure it out even watching videos. So I get to go teach her this stitch! Wish me luck.

This pattern worked up quickly because every other row your decreasing the number of petals; example: 10, 10, 9, 9, 8, 8, etc. Each round went faster and faster. By the time I got to around Row 10 I was speedy Gonzales. I got the last of it done in a few hours. Pinned it all on and tried to get the star on. I couldn’t get it on with the way it came. I ended up straightening out the spring and cutting it in half and put the straight end into the Styrofoam. I tried to just spin it through the foam the first time and it wasn’t working, I think it hit a push pin and I couldn’t get it to go further. But I figured it out.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

The Tea of the Month as stated up above, is DARK FOREST. I honestly would have this just sitting on my counter like a potpourri. It smells amazing. I have a huge sensitivity to cinnamon smells, I know my husband hates it come this time of year, and I can’t smell the cinnamon in this tea at all. Usually if something has the scent of cinnamon it is super strong, and I instantly get a migraine. Like I said though, can’t smell it at all dry. It would be cool do the Christmas tree without the Styrofoam form in it and do a stuffing mixture with this in it as a potpourri.  The tea fits perfect with this month’s project. My husband even said that he wants to try this one, once his dad makes it. So, I can’t review on the taste just yet.

There are a couple of things that came across my brain as I was crocheting this tree:

What would it look like if the petals were made with hdc instead of dc?

What would it look like if it was done with 20 petals at the base instead of 10?

An all-white tree, that would be beautiful! And one of our subscribers, Alexandra did it; see photo’s below. 

What would it look like with lights on it?

Should I crochet some super tiny ornaments to put on it?

The answer to most of these is no! I like it the way that it is. It came out so beautiful and it fits perfect with my baby nativity scene.

Image by: TaNiesha McCune , Blog Author


Subscribers Photos Below

Image By; Alexandra Weaver-Bischoff


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