Oh man, its been awhile since I’ve been on here. So much has happened and I don’t even know where to begin. We had Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years since the last time I was here. But first lets just talk about Thanksgiving. I know that Sarah and Doug, being in Australia, don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as it is an American holiday.

We just did a quiet Thanksgiving here at home. I made a turkey and all the goodies. The turkey I did was a brown sugar turkey. It was the first time I did it this way and I’ll tell ya what! That was one of the best turkeys ever; well, besides a smoked turkey. Anyways, I was a little worried about the turkey because part of the sweetness comes from apple cider vinegar. Ew, just the smell of it; who would want to eat that? Come to find out reading the recipe as I’m making it, you boil the crap out of the glaze till it basically does not smell like the vinegar and its nice and thick like molasses. It turned out amazing. I didn’t go all out and make everything home made like I normally would have. I didn’t make my candied yams, the gravy and mashed potatoes were not fresh, and we used store made rolls haha. It was still a good thanksgiving. We did a 12 lb turkey. My brother came over the next day to have basically Thanksgiving again but with his family. This was the first year he did Thanksgiving away from our parents so it was kind of a hard one for him. With that said, he came over to spend Christmas with us as well. The Hogue Thanksgiving was a blast and turned out great this year!

Congratulations to our member Julie S. for being our monthly winner. Her picture of the Organizer Pouch got the most likes and comments. Here is how Sarah congratulated her, “…Julie, we really appreciated your input and suggestions about how to modify the organizer pouch. Keep up the great work ladies and looking forward to seeing more wonderful creations…”

Image By: Julie S.

I can’t even remember what I was working on when I got the Surprise Box for November. Let me see if I can think back with out pulling my phone out to see my completed items, haha. I got the Organizer Pouch completed, then started a diamond painting and got that done, oh!, it was a Christmas present ordered from a cousin for her daughter. She wanted a unicorn stuffed animal. So to Ravelry I went. She had told me that she almost bought one from a lady local to her but after seeing the price she decided to come to me. I can totally get the price of the other one being $200 the lady that made it, made it huge! She said it had over 10 lbs of stuffing in it. I found a few patterns and sent them to her. Let me tell you! haha, she grabbed little details from each pattern and made up her own unicorn, color wise. I used a free pattern to make the unicorn. And I just want to give a shout out to Jess Huff. Her amigurumi patterns are to die for and she is from my home state of Utah! I’ve printed every single one of them out. Go check her out!

Image By: TaNiesha H.

Got the unicorn done and then I started another diamond painting. This one was my biggest one yet and as it got closer to Christmas I decided it was time to stop working on it and start what ever was in the November Surprise box. Go and grab the bigger than normal box and open it up! What to my surprise, OMG!!!!! The cutest Christmas Stockings ever. But I knew immediately that I was going to have to make another one to make a set of 4! Before I get onto the pattern lets talk tea.

Image By: Crochet Surprise

The tea as always comes from The Jasmine Pearl Co. and I must say they have never disappointed us. We love having them partnered with us. The tea they provided for us this month was the JASMINE PEARL’S 15TH ANNIVERSARY BLEND – Simmering with notes of orchard-ripened apple, spiced vanilla sugar and buttery pie crust, finished of with just a hint of tartness. We love this tea on its own or with a splash of milk or dairy alternative for a delightful apple pie and ice cream experience! With a strong base of honeybush and spices, this blend is naturally caffeine-free.  I know that we had a few members order more of this particular tea, it was a huge hit!

This pattern, I just can’t get over it, like really. I love the colors, love the crossed stitch images on them. Oh, crossed stitch! I haven’t done that since I was a little girl. My sister in law actually just gave me all her crossed stitch supplies because I’ve been thinking about starting it again. And then, we get this box. Crossed stitch has entered my life once and for all again. I might even start looking for patterns and create some things. Crossed Stitching really has become a lost art. Like I stated above, I knew immidiately that I was going to have to make this set of 3 into a set of 4. Instantly knew I needed to figure out a crossed stitch deer head for the 4th stocking. To Google I went, found a graph that was similar in size to what is on the other stockings and graphed it out in color and then ordered the red yarn! To make these stockings we needed our 5 mm crochet hook, a tapestry needle (for the crossed stitching), and of course the yarn. We used Bernat Super Value yarn; and got a full skein in the colors of Oatmeal, Forest Green, and Teal Heather. We also had premeasured amounts of the same yarn in the colors of Cherry Red, Winter White, Black, and Taupe. I ordered a full skein of Cherry Red for my 4th stocking.

Image By: TaNiesha H.

I wrote down some notes while I was making these stockings of what I changed or didn’t like. I made the snowman stocking first and followed the pattern to a ‘t’. With the cuff I did work it till it was 14″ long and joined with a sl st as stated. When I joined the main color to do the main part of the stocking it came out a little bigger than the circumference of the stocking. So I folded the extra part over and sewed it together to make it look the same. It turned out ok but while I was doing that I noted where I was putting the stitching of the leg. I also didn’t like the look of the cuff joined with a slip stitch so on the next ones I just whip stitched it together. On the 2nd stocking, the Santa, I did the cuff normally but counted the spots where I would join the main color so that the cuff wasn’t bigger around like the snowman and it did work. I’ve made slippers and socks before and the way the heel is made on these stockings is the best so far. I love the way they designed it and the technique used to shape the heel. I didn’t change anything on that part or the rest of the stocking.

Oh, when it came time to do the Christmas tree stocking I did change the coloring on that one. Instead of the cuff, heal, and toe being in the color Taupe, I used the Teal Heather color. I didn’t think brown was a fitting color for a stocking. That being said when I thought out the 4th stocking I made it match. I did the cuff, heel, and toe in the Forest Green and the main color I used the Cherry Red. All 4 stockings match each other and turned out amazing.

When it came time to do the crossed stitch; I started again with snowman. I waited till the stocking was completely finished crochet wise, yeah, bad idea. It wasn’t a bad idea persay but it was much harder not having access to both sides of the stocking. It was much easier on the rest to do the crossed stitching before you start the heel. Like said before I hadn’t crossed stitched in a long time. It took me a second to get back into the groove of doing it. I love it.

I got the 3 stockings done just in time for Christmas. Decided not to use them though as actual stockings for Santa to fill up. I don’t want these to stretch out and loose shape. I decided these are purely decoration for my household. I have become a Christmas stocking collector. I have so many different ones to the point that my brother said he was going to steal some instead of buying some when he gets a home haha.

We had a few members also make a 4th stocking. Some used my deer pattern and one other person made a snowflake one. Everyone’s stockings turned out super cute. Here are some of the members photos of their stockings.

Image By: Kristie K


Image By: Ellen M


Image By: Candice M


Image By: TaNiesha H