Last time I was here writing I had just gotten married. I had told y’all that I was thinking about entering my dress into my local county fair; I did! I also did go live on Facebook when I went to go see if I had won. I don’t like being on camera so it wasn’t a good video. Needless to say, I walked into the building and there was my dress with a “1st Place Blue Ribbon”! I was a little bummed out but not as much as I was happy. They do their judging like Beauty Pageants. There is a Grand Champion, which gets a trophy; Champion, which gets a tri colored ribbon; then 1st Place Blue Ribbon. I really wanted the Tri-Colored Ribbon or the Trophy. I’ll take 1st place this year. After looking at everything crochet that was entered I now have ideas all ready of what to enter for next year.

Image By: Crocheted Kitchen

The September Box came quick for me. Some times it takes 2-3 days and this one came in 1 day. Was happy about that because at the time I didn’t have anything to work on. I had to dig out a Crochet Book my brother got me for my birthday and I found a granny square to work on. I decided I was going to do a blanket with this granny square. Here is how much I got done before I got the box. I can’t wait to get it finished.

Image By: Crocheted Kitchen

Every month we have a little contest. When a subscriber posts a photograph of their finished monthly project they have an opportunity to win a little gift. Who ever has the most likes and comments by the 10th of the following month will be announced winner and will be sent a small gift from Crochet Surprise. This months winner was from August 2019 Box the Nesting Bowls.

Image By: Zenaida P

Doug announced the winner this month, “Hi everyone! I get the privilege of announcing the winner of September’s project. The winner is Zenaida P. Congrats and well done on your baskets! By the way, can I just say I’ve never been so inspired more than by everyone in this group. People willing to help each other out and sharing your passion for a such an amazing skill in crocheting.

When I opened the box, I always reach for the insert and see what the tea of the month is. The Jasmine Pearl is our amazing provider for our teas. This months tea is BLACKBERRY FIG “Light-bodied Darjeeling black tea naturally flavored with sweet fig and blackberry, blended with anise seed for a slight licorice finish.” 

Image By: Crochet Surprise

I opened the insert and looked at the picture. Saw the placemats and thought, oh those are cute. We don’t use placemats yet, my kids wouldn’t leave them there. But I can see myself using them once the kids are older and understand that they stay on the table. Then I looked over to see who designed and provided the pattern for us. Yay, I was so excited to see Ashlea’s name from Heart, Hook, Home. I personally have talked to her on Facebook. I follow her every social media. I absolutely love her and the stuff she designs. I have purchased many of her patterns, with my favorite being the Hibernation Hoodie! I can’t wait to make me one. I am a hoodie wearing momma, have so many.

Image By: Heart, Hook, Home

Now, for some reason there was a mishap at the yarn supplier for the type of yarn we used for this project. So some of our customers got Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton in Mountainview and some got Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton in Nutmeg Nibbles. I do love how Sarah was precise in picking 2 colors that were close in shades. That’s what I love about this box. No matter what Sarah and Doug make sure we are all happy.

I really like the way the “feather stitch” looks. It can be a yarn eater so its best to keep your projects small like the placemats if your wanting to use it again. The way this stitch works up makes the placemats feel thick and that is perfect for something to be eating on.

I had started this project right away. I just grabbed a skein and went to town. I got the Mountainview color. About half way through I decided to color plan. Sarah and I had brainstormed quite some time to figure out the color sequence that would turn out. What we came up with worked. I have completed 2/4 placemats with the color sequence. I haven’t done the edging on them yet. I really like the way it looks on this project with a raw edge. With what I did, I had to pull the skein apart and cut each color so it was their own individual balls. Doing it this way I have more ends to weave in once I’m done.

Image By: Crocheted Kitchen


Image By: Crocheted Kitchen

We had one customer who doesn’t use placemats at her house so she used the stitch and made her daughter a ear warmer. It turned out super cute and is featured below. We had another customer who also does not use placemats did a bathmat. She basically doubled the width and went longer on length. It turned out beautiful. Also featured below. I have gotten permission from customers with both colors to feature their finished products.

Image By: Andrea L


Image By: Barbara J


Image By: Marti B


Image By: Donna N