July 2018 Crochet Surprise Box Pattern – Sun Scape Hat

Its that time again. I’ve seen other posts about customers getting their boxes. I often wondered how some got theirs quicker than others when they are all shipped out the same day. Well, its because some live closer than others from where they are shipped. I usually get my Crochet Surprise Box a day or two after everyone else. So I get to read all the happy posts on our Facebook group page about how much y’all loved the box.

The knock on the door came. Like I stated in previous posts, my mailman likes to knock our door down like he the police. Makes everyone in my house jump. Makes my dog bark, who rarely barks, ha-ha. I always know what it is, especially after seeing Facebook posts.

The heart is racing with excitement. I even have my father in law standing near, so he can see what his new tea is for the month. I opened the box and…. I instantly always go for the tea and read my father in law the description. I of course smell it also. I love the smell of tea just not the taste.

This month’s tea was Jasmine Lemongrass. I opened it up and smelled it. I didn’t care for this one much. I think it was to much jasmine for me. My father in law loved the smell of it. He said to him it smelt lemony from the Lemongrass. I grow lemongrass in my yard for mosquitoes, I think that I’m going to start letting it dry out when I chop it down every winter, so he can use it for tea! Yeah, I like that idea.

When I opened the box and I noticed a metal clasp type thing taped to the lid. My heart dropped, I’ve never worked with anything else but yarn, crochet hooks, sewing needles, and little eyes. Then I noticed the wire. Again, anxiety. I didn’t even look at the pattern, at this point I was nervous to even try because of the wire and metal clasp. A few days later I looked at what the pattern actually was, and my nerves calmed a little. Was still apprehensive to start the hat.



About a week after I got the box; I posted to our Facebook group asking if anyone else was as intimidated to start the pattern as I was. Everyone posted that it was way easier than we all thought but, there was a few customers that were intimated also. After a few days of reading responses, I got the courage to try it.



I got to working on the Sun Scape Hat, it was actually working up very quickly and easily. I wasn’t every intimidated about the pattern itself. I was intimidated by the metal clasp and wire. By the time I got to about round 20, I remembered that Sarah (our founder, admin, etc.) had posted to Facebook that there was an error on round 23. I took a black sharpie marker and crossed out round 23 on our pattern and wrote in the correct steps above.

I got to round 25 and things were not lining up. I some how miscounted on round 23. I had to frog (take apart) a couple rounds. The 2nd time around everything lined up stitch wise. Here comes the part I was completely intimidated by. Adding the wire to the brim of the hat. Little did I know, you just crochet around the wire and trim to size. Easy! It did hurt my fingers to hold the wire in place and keep yarn tight but, I DID IT! I conquered the Sun Scape Hat!

This hat is beautiful. Not the type of hat I would wear. I am a gardener, I have my own garden Facebook groups. When I saw this hat I instantly thought, “Oh, all my gardening ladies would love one of these!” I have yet to show them, its on my to-do list. I can guarantee though I’ll be making a few more of these!

I have asked permission from some of our lovely customers to use their photographs of their finished Sun Scape Hat. So amazing to see all the different ways they made them so unique for their individual liking.

We always have a couple extra boxes to order if you’d like to give it as a gift or just want more. To order this box again click HERE!

I probably have talked your ear off now and are wanting to go make this hat. Stay tuned for the next post, more hats!